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  1. V1.6.9.81 - This is not a new problem but has existed since Affinity Photo for iPad was released. We all know that when using the Inpainting Brush that the area you select is highlighted in red and when you remove your finger/Pencil from the screen that the red area is replaced by the inpainting process. However when using the Pencil I often find red lines have been left unintentionally by my hand and are not removed by the inpainting process. These lines are permanent and can only be removed by using Undo. It’s easy to recreate. I use my right-hand with the Pencil and start by resting the knuckle of my little finger on the screen. If I then lay the rest of my little finger on the screen I get a red line. Removing my hand at this point would result in the line being replaced by the inpainting process. Normally, however, after the red line has been created by my little finger I would start inpainting with the Pencil and then the unintentional red line becomes permanent. I often don’t notice these red lines under my hand until I finish inpainting and then have to undo all my inpainting to get rid of them. Enabling or disabling “Touch for gestures only” setting doesn’t make any difference. I think this is a bug but please let me know if I’m doing something wrong. Thanks.
  2. Hi, With the UI hidden it is virtually impossible to see the Undo and Redo (< and >) icons. Could you pls make these standout more, perhaps bold or something, but only when the UI is hidden. Thanks.
  3. Or perhaps favourites could be displayed at the top of the list.
  4. Hi, I would prefer if Affinity Photo remembered my previously used repair brush and settings between photos so that I didn’t have to keep clicking the Clone brush tool, then click it a second time to select the Inpainting brush, adjust the brush size and select current layer and below. It would be so much better if it remembered that I used the Inpainting tool last, 20px brush size with 100% hardness for current layer and below. Obviously this would affect all other tools too, which others may or may not want, so this behaviour would have to be enabled by the user in the preferences. Thanks.
  5. Hi Chris B, Moving the menu slightly sounds like a reasonable solution to me. Thank you. Do you have any idea why after returning to the main screen and then immediately clicking on the same document it displayed the "Unable to load document" error? After restarting Photo I was then able to load this document. Although I have come across a few minor bugs like these Affinity Photo for iPad is an amazing product. I absolutely love it. Well done everyone.
  6. Hi, While editing a Photo I double-tapped with two fingers, to make image go full screen, but Affinity Photo interpreted It as a single two finger tap, displaying the context menu, followed by a single tap on the Delete menu. Argh! In a split second my photo and adjustments were deleted and no prompt for confirmation was given. Then when in returned to the main screen my photo was still there but when I clicked on the image I got “Loading Failed. Unable to load document.” error. Edit: Ok so the error confused me for a minute. It didn’t delete the photo just the selected layer. After restarting Photos I was able to open the photo and was presented with a transparent image. I then proceeded to delete this photo before realising that I could have simply undone the layer delete. A nice little bug for you... Thanks, Ivan.
  7. Hi Chris_K, I have just Reset and Restored my iPad and all seems to be working so far. No more errors trying to Import From Cloud so I assume it was an iOS glitch. Should the error come back I will let you know. Thanks, Ivan.
  8. Hi Chris_K, Files and iCloud connectivity work fine and I'm able to create, open, save and delete files from iCloud using Files, Numbers, Pages, Pixelmator, etc. For info it's a new iPad Pro 10.5, had it about 2 weeks, installed from scratch without restoring old iPad backup. To me it seems as if the error occurs after I have left the device for a little while, as if Files/iCloud has gone to sleep. Also It happens almost every time I switch to another app and straight back to Photo and click Import From Cloud. Hope this helps, Ivan.
  9. With Photo 1.6.4, and now 1.6.5, I regularly get an error when trying to add a file from iCloud. From the main screen I click + followed by Import From Cloud and this error often occurs. “Unable to initialise remote proxy for extension. The connection was interrupted.” Clicking Cancel results in another error “Couldn’t communicate with helper application.” Finally clicking Cancel again returns to the import options where clicking Import From Cloud a second time then works as expected. I was hoping 1.6.5 would fix it but unfortunately not.
  10. Please add Edge Aware toggle to the Develop personas Brush Overlay settings. I find it very difficult to accurately brush my overlay using just the Add and Subtract brushes without edge detection. Thanks.
  11. Reading the excellent help file I noticed that it mentions that Edge Aware is available in the Develop persona, Brush Overlay settings but it is not. It is missing. I would find this really helpful as I find it difficult to accurately define overlays with just the Add and Subtract brush strokes and no Edge Aware toggle.
  12. Playing with the Affinity tutorial yesterday I noticed that I didn't experience the softer results with the Inpainting brush when removaing boats on the sample photo. The image I had these softer results was a black & white scanned photo in jpg format (600 dpi I think). I wonder if this has something to do with it. I still hope Affinity can improve Inpainting as I really want to use a single app and not switch between several apps to get the best results. Donka – thanks for the excellent suggestion of changing brush size to circumvent the repeating pattern problem. That sounds like a good workaround.
  13. I've just started using Affinity Photo for my iPad Pro, which I purchased because of this app, and so far I'm really impressed. However, I'm not so happy with the inpainting results especially when compared to the spot removal tools in Pixelmator for iPad or the desktop versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Express. The first issue I have are that the results often appear a little blurry/soft compared to the surrounding image. The second issue is when inpainting automatically selects a source that results in a repeating pattern and I try inpainting again it just selects the same source again. This will happen no matter how many times I retry inpainting that area. My experience with the other products is that they seem to randomise the source selection which solves this issue. I could use the clone stamp tool which would solve this but I'm lazy and like using the inpainting tool. Please let me know if I'm being stupid otherwise I hope the developers will read this post and consider improving this feature in a future update. Thanks.
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