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  1. I get white screen too - and now stuck there even if I try to close and open the app.
  2. Exactly, and nothing in the Drive - so was hoping the back up will back up. However, I find the icloud situation ridiculous and impossible anyway on ver slow Australian internet. Im gonna just store copies on time capsule machine via wifi, and do sync store on rest of app using dropbox. Not give Apple cent more than I already have. BTW - not at ALL Affinity issue, its all to do with ios in regards to itunes, icloud, etc.
  3. The files are NOT backed up in icloud DRIVE - in the new ios11, what is icloud and drive is not at all clear to begin with, and there is not Drive app either. There fore, I am wondering if the iCloud back up is backing up all the files because it is NOT in the drive. However - I think Im going to quit this ridiculous iCloud idea as back up/upload will take forever for files that are few gigs each. Instead, I will store on my ipad and local wifi transfer and if I must sync, use google drive/drop box/ and/or up faster on a server away from these very slow cloud services that arent worth anything for larger files and really made for phones and light use. I think icloud/ all cloud ideas is horrible - you are counting on perfect all you can use internet for very important files.
  4. I have Affinity Photo - not sure if that makes any difference? I plan to get the Designer later tho.
  5. There's nothing set up as I cant make up my mind about what the best set up is - my desktop is dying, so I need to not rely on itune back up. I have time capsul thats connected to my ipad through Readdle Document5, and I can put important projects in there as local back up. Aside from that - does the icloud backup literally back up everything on my ipad if the app is turned on for it? It only says "app data will be backed up" I have no idea what they exactly mean by this . Do they mean "app set up/config" or do they mean the brushes I imported, or literally everything in the app, including projects. Im so tired of ios files system and people not at all caring about back ups and folders - consequently, no one being clear as to what is backed up where exactly and what the best practices are.
  6. Sorry if this is repeat question - Im wondering what exactly iCloud Automatic Backup saves when I enable it on iPad and on Affinity ? I understand currently, the only option to backup/save files is to copy/export each project, so I dont understand what the backup app on iCloud does. Thanks
  7. I came to decision that I no longer want to use PHOTO app - 1. Degrades my photos when imported 2. Back up features are limited , not easy to go straight to NAS, or local backup device. I often use files too large for clouds So I would love an app or feature that stores and manages photos that are used specifically for this app. Not just for regular photo editing for home use but really large files with lots of details- that I can wirelessly connect to backup device so that it doesnt need to stay on my iPAD. For now, I am storing them in files , imported directly from camera. Via SD, and opening them directly in the application. This way, it seems to keep the file size and details that I need that I took with DSLR - otherwise, why am I bothering? I can just use my camera phone for low quality photos I'm also wondering how many photos I can store and organise right on your app???? Maybe this is the way to organize my files... tho I have no idea how to back that up as well on external harddrive. All these ios issues .... ios11 is no help either.
  8. I found that Photo app degrades the photos - so Im having to import directly from file transfer.
  9. Hi there - can anyone tell me why the brush tool isnt working all the sudden? I tried moving the layer to top, chaning colour, restarting the app... nothing. Y? The actions are showing , but nothing actually painting.
  10. Thank you- I think I was using the square shape tool and trying to make perfect square with two fingers when it happened.
  11. No, but I force quit using the up swipe from the control center - and this seem to fix it. So THAT'S what the colour picker looks like! Lol.... omg .. its gonna take a while for me to get used to this app.
  12. Hi there. Im wondering if this is a bug or some tool that I've activated that I am unaware of ? It just appeared out of no where and not on any layers... what to do.
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