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  1. I came to decision that I no longer want to use PHOTO app - 1. Degrades my photos when imported 2. Back up features are limited , not easy to go straight to NAS, or local backup device. I often use files too large for clouds So I would love an app or feature that stores and manages photos that are used specifically for this app. Not just for regular photo editing for home use but really large files with lots of details- that I can wirelessly connect to backup device so that it doesnt need to stay on my iPAD. For now, I am storing them in files , imported directly from camera. Via SD, and opening them directly in the application. This way, it seems to keep the file size and details that I need that I took with DSLR - otherwise, why am I bothering? I can just use my camera phone for low quality photos I'm also wondering how many photos I can store and organise right on your app???? Maybe this is the way to organize my files... tho I have no idea how to back that up as well on external harddrive. All these ios issues .... ios11 is no help either.
  2. I found that Photo app degrades the photos - so Im having to import directly from file transfer.
  3. Having the same issue here as well
  4. Hi there - can anyone tell me why the brush tool isnt working all the sudden? I tried moving the layer to top, chaning colour, restarting the app... nothing. Y? The actions are showing , but nothing actually painting.
  5. Thank you- I think I was using the square shape tool and trying to make perfect square with two fingers when it happened.
  6. No, but I force quit using the up swipe from the control center - and this seem to fix it. So THAT'S what the colour picker looks like! Lol.... omg .. its gonna take a while for me to get used to this app.
  7. Hi there. Im wondering if this is a bug or some tool that I've activated that I am unaware of ? It just appeared out of no where and not on any layers... what to do.