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  1. I have found solution for this problem. I dont know why, but opacity in brush settings was changed to 0 , why I have no idea but it happened.
  2. Hello all, I have question about frequency separation and low layer. As I understand low frequency layer holding color and you can even out skin for example which holds patches in diffrent color than rest of skin. I have constantly this problem that when I am painting over low frequency layer I cant sample some colors. I have for example ligt pink in highlights and want to transfer it to shadowed areas and cant do that. niether brush or healing brush painting this color. when i sample highlits with white it doesnt brighten skin . It behaves like it would be a mask on low frequency layer even tho I see no mask low Frequency. Thank You in advance
  3. This is unacceptable to use another program to set orientation. It is workflow nightmare. I am following this post from start and three years later still nothing, only solution are from people using another programs. Maybe we should use Photoshop to rotate save and then come to Affinity photo to keep editing picture...