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  1. @Old Bruce yes im aware of that, its just the effect is really bad and not blending making the healing part worse ! the thing is sometimes it works really good ! on my ipad it works way much better when blending ! even when i choose hard brush the halo is there and "sometimes" im getting hard edges which makes me think its a bug or something...
  2. its some extra steps making half drop in affinity with new PS 2021 the "pattern view" tool is soOo much easier. hopefully they add similar tool
  3. Hi, newbi here. got affinity photo in my 2020 MacBook Air m1. when using Inpainting or any other Healing tools even though I choose the brush hardness, opacity, flow to 100 I'm getting blurred edges ! only in clone tool I'm getting hard edges. I was wondering if there is away around it or I'm missing something ?
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