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  1. Issue is resolved, but I don't have an answer for why or how. I found new versions of both Photo and Designer in my Applications folder this morning. Logging out perhaps did something, but I got the same spinning behavior when I logged back in. So I stopped trying for a few days.
  2. I was able to update my late 2013 Mac Pro running Mojave, but my late 2009 Mac Pro on which I use High Sierra does not update. Affinity Photo on this machine is 1.7.1, and I need .tga export capability. In the App Store, my purchase list shows "Open" for AP. When I click on the product link, there is an "Update" button on the product page; however, clicking it seems to get no response, just the swirling update logo in the upper right corner. Is this a macOS limitation, or another issue?
  3. Here is a link: https://labs.unity.com/article/experimental-feature-de-lighting-tool It seems that it would be an averaging of color or luminous data, and equaling out the contast or gamma so there is an even diffuse map. In the absence of good diffuse information (very dark areas or blown out specular areas), I suppose automatic in-paining or cloning tools would need to be used. Of course, such a tool would be useful only to artist who need to create textures that will be lit in a 3D application. And there would need to be a way to create maps for normals and specular information.
  4. Just started learning Affinity Photo last week. I've been using PS for years as a 3D / CG artist. A lot of my work involves making realistic textures and materials for CG models. There isa delighting tool in the Unity game engine that removes the highlight/shadow information from an image. I thought that since AP has some interesting lighting tools, a delighting tool can be useful as well (albeit maybe only for a niche group).
  5. Wow, that was simple. Surprised that it remains active even on restart of AP and restart of the workstation. Thank you, greatly appreciated!
  6. Recently started switching over to Affinity Photo last week and today running into issues with masking. I've seen several posts about the Quick Mask not working for some people over the last couple of years. I've uploaded a 30-sec video showing what I am doing, so hopefully someone will spot what is wrong. This issue happens with painting masks in any way. I have the brush set to white, but I get no preview under the brush and no change in the masking/no masking at all. Late Mac Pro, 6-Core with maxed out of RAM/GPU, macOS Sierra Thanks for the help. APhoto_Mask_Not_Working.mp4
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