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    LeoVitalis got a reaction from mimamo in Disabling magnifying glass   
    Please add an option for disabling the magnifying glass while using the pen tool and node tool. The magnifying glass is a nice feature when using a finger, but with the Apple Pencil it blocks the view and makes the process of editing curves harder. 
    Thank you.
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    LeoVitalis reacted to TaigaAlive in Disable the magnifier while using the node tool?   
    I use the node tool to adjust vectors a lot. The last update made it so that a magnified circle pops up blocking the view of the line if I try to make smaller or slower adjustments. I think this is the long pressing with Apple Pencil mentioned in the 1.6.7 change list. I haven't been able to find a way to disable this. Is there a way, or a workaround I could use?
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