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  1. KarolinaBS

    Messed up Image after saving

    Thank you. Please let me know once its fixed. I have a rally bad issue with it.
  2. KarolinaBS

    Messed up Image after saving

    Sorry didnt upload properly. Here you go... Glass.afdesign
  3. I am working on AD on my ipad. On AD while working everything is perfect. But once i save it in any format, its saved messed up. Please help meeee. I took a screen shot where its perfect, and when exported its messed up, notice the handles
  4. KarolinaBS

    I need an experts help

    @Lee D Brilliant! I didn’t think of that. THANK YOU
  5. Hello Dear experts! I am a new graphic designer. I got to learn the basic, now I have reached a phase where I am trying to make mockups... So i have both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo... MY QUESTION IS.... When i have an image of a Mobile phone with a finger on it, how can i place my website mockup on the phone under the finger? I would really appreciate some tips to help me learn more. Thank You all!
  6. KarolinaBS

    Angle and tilt inquiry

    Oki, i got your point. But still am not getting the right degrees. Am really bad in that on ipad, could you help me out with this one? Coz now when I was trying i reached to 26 degrees rotation and 13.6 shear. 3 angles are perfect, one is not. Am so frustrated as i was trying since couple of hours to fit it properly. Any possible way???
  7. KarolinaBS

    Angle and tilt inquiry

    Wow thats too much of math for me lol. Will try it out, i hope i got it right.
  8. KarolinaBS

    Angle and tilt inquiry

    I used to do it by placing the mouse on the side of the image and small arrows would appear and i could tilt the image left right up and down. Where as on ipad the shear function tilts left and right only.
  9. Hello AD team, i am facing an issue which am not sure is it me not finding it or it is not there. On my Macbook when i used to use AD in mockups i had the function of tilting object and images the way i needed easily, which i dont know how to do on ipad. For example if i have a mockup of a laptop with a sideview and i want to place a design from a side view angle into the laptop screen, on the mac i had the arrows between the corners which i could easily move. Is this option available on ipad app? I tried to rotate and use the shear feature, but still i cant get the perfect side view as one side should be shorter than the other. Please help me asap with this problem. Am stuck!!
  10. Wow i was just going to write a suggestion about it. I have lots of Arabic designs as well. And am suffering. Please do take it into consideration.
  11. KarolinaBS

    Affinity Designer Crashes...

    Oki. They are too many fonts to send. I will do it. Thank you for your support
  12. KarolinaBS

    Affinity Designer Crashes...

    Honestly I didn’t notice which fonts, but it happens when I change the font several times. Yes I added lots of fonts that I use. I downloaded them from different websites.
  13. Hello everyone, i wanted to share with you a strange case that happens to me all the time. I am using my iPad 9.7 (6th Generation). And when I am working on AD, specially when changing fonts, after couple of font tries and changes, the program crashes and turns off... It happens to me eveeeery single time I change the font couple of times... of course Imlose my work... so now before I start the font changes I am saving my work and then I start trying the fonts, and it crashes every time after couple of tries. Does this happen to you guys?? Also, yesterday I wanted to place an image on AD, it opens the Album, I pick the picture, and boom .... crashed. And this happened everytomen I try to place this picture... others worked. So I deleted that picture then downloaded it again, and it worked. These are some wired things am facing with AD on iPad
  14. KarolinaBS

    Importing styles

    It’s oki. Thank you for your support. Highly appreciated

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