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  1. I know of at least one developer who is eagerly waiting for Designer to be able to runs Scripts/Macros. Please Serif - can you consider adding this function to Designer in the very near future?
  2. Just started testing Publisher (and I absolutely love it). I was adding an Adjustment (Black & White) to an image, then went back to check on the settings so that I could apply it to a new image and the program crashed. Does anybody know if we are going to be getting Macros/Action Scripts? Thanks
  3. Hi Chris, Yes, it has happened at least 3 times in a row, then I reopened the project and it happened again, so I stopped trying to do it and started the project again.
  4. Hi Support, Some Bugs for you, I place an image for a new project: 1). Although when still holding the left mouse button th image shows, after trying to place it in position on the page, all I get is a small square of it in the top left hand corner and the bounding box is showing the full size image even though there is nothing in there. Plus the bounding box doesn't go away. I tried repairing the Update by turning off my Firewall and the Internet but it still doesn't work. Any idea what is causing this and when is it likely to be fixed ?
  5. Yes, it's working at 150% but I think on my previous setting, I had changed the fonts and other sizes and not just be a %. So if there is a fix coming out, I will be happy, so that I can go back to my original settings. Thank you for the heads up
  6. Yes, I think I will try 150%, as 124% is definitely too small. Thanks to everyone for the tips...
  7. Hi there, These are good but too fast to see what you're doing easily and there is no speech, to tell you either. Could you zoom in or else put on screen what tools you are using as it is hard to see. Thanks...
  8. Yes, that what I found.... so annoying
  9. I changed my screen resolution from 175% to 125% and now I can see the images but I can't read the text on the tools bar or see what the icons are So I will have to change those I suspect, if I can find out where that option is....
  10. Does anyone else have this issue, as if I can't get an answer I will have to go back to the previous version?
  11. Hi Chris, Thank you for your suggestions, however they haven't worked. I did the Clear option; I tried placing, .jpg, .svg & .png and I get the same problem. I did a repair of the software by disabling my Firewall and the internet but that hasn't changed anything. I am using my Graphics Card, so will see if that needs any update..... Did the update and hasn't made any difference. When I also try and draw a shape, it appears momentarily and the disappears and just the bounding box is left. Now if I turn off the tick in the Layers panel, it appears for a minute moment and then disappears, however, if there is another shape underneath on another layer, that also momentarily appears but then disappears and just the bounding boxes are left. Could this be just to do with having the layer appear or not? Yet if I look in the Navigator box, the image shows. Plus if I increase the zoom in the Navigator box, the image appears again momentarily. Also, if I click on the Bounding box and try and move the invisible image, I can then see it but it also leaves a ghosting image behind it as well. Can you think of anything else I could do? Image errors.wmv
  12. Hello Serif & especially Patrick, Please can you tell me when Actions are going to be added to Affinity Designer? Being able to create macros/Actions is going to save a tremendous amount of time when repeating a series of events. Please, please can you tell me if this is coming out in version 6? Peaches
  13. peaches

    Macros for Affinity Designer

    Yes, Yes, Yes, we definitely need MACROS. Please Serif, take pity on us poor designers and give us the ability to create Macros. The time this would save, would enable us to design more and more wonderful creations using your lovely software. I am on my knees begging for the ability to have MACROS in Designer...... Is that enough grovelling? I can do more

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