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  1. OMG! Thanks a lot, Sima. I should have guessed this, but must have been too keen on exporting those fabulous brushes [or rather: stamps] of mine. So, thanks again, and I promise to think before posting next time.
  2. Alas, I got the message that the file name is 'ongeldig' which means that I cannot export my 'home made' brushes.
  3. Hi JFisher, thanks for your answer. If only I had looked better...
  4. As a newbie I would like to ask a question about brushes: how can one export them? I made some of my own, and would like to use them on other devices too.
  5. As a newcomer to Affinity Photo I also dearly miss exporting multiple photo's. I would welcome the opportunity to do so. Maybe an addition in the new 4-version?