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  1. My swatch panel in Affinity Designer app is very empty and I would love to fill it with some nice palettes of pastels and flat design colors etc. However I am unable to find palettes anywhere that are compatible with Affinity Designer. Does anyone know of any or have some to share? Is this even possible to do?
  2. I did notice something interesting on my new account that doesn't crash it would appear that the DPI box flashes briefly upon being clicked. It may be worth it to examine the stack trace to see why that is happening. Here is a video of it
  3. Update: If you create a new user account it no longer crashes. Functionality is normal. I have went through and deleted everything with affinity in it within my /User/Library folder to see if that would fix it with no avail. Still crashes but only on my main account. How do I address this kind of issue?
  4. I am sorry to report that this error is still occurring in Mac OS High Sierra
  5. I did my best to quit every application that showed up in the activity monitor the dock and the toolbar. The only one I couldn't close is wanderlist's toolbar but I doubt that is causing it. Unfortunately the same error occurred.
  6. Unfortunately the only difference is that it doesn't repeatedly crash if you don't clear the interface settings. The new version doesn't appear to remember that sort of thing. I have created a video showing this bug and here is a beta version crash report
  7. Also removed and re-downloaded the app to see if it was merely a downloading corruption and unfortunately it has the same crashing error. I would highly recommend testing your app on a 15 inch MacBook Pro 2017 3.1GHz Intel i7 with 16GB of memory and Intel HD Graphics 630. It also may be worth looking into if any of my other apps could conflict with the instructions run when someone touches the dpi box.
  8. Unfortunately it is not
  9. This is an ongoing issue.
  10. CalebK

    Crashes upon opening PDF

    Unfortunately it still crashes.
  11. CalebK

    Crashes upon opening PDF

    Certainly. Out of respect for future people reading this post I have put it up at a Pastebin link.
  12. I use AD 1.5.5 which is the most updated version (at least the App Store updates section says there is no updates for it) It is not a specific file that causes this crash rather any time I try to mess with a DPI setting anywhere in the app whether it be on the export of a pdf or other rasterized formats or upon the setup of a new document. Any time I try to edit a DPI setting anywhere within the app it crashes.
  13. It is really sad that most of my experiences thus far with Affinity Designer have all been crashes. On the exporter I have found it to crash a lot especially when choosing DPI on SVG export or DPI on PDF export. The worst thing is it remembers where you were in the interface next time you open so even if you close the app then reopen the app will crash upon export since it remembers you were editing DPI.
  14. CalebK

    Crashes upon opening PDF

    I was trying to make a business card by starting with Staples' pdf design template. Unfortunately Affinity Designer promptly crashes upon trying to open that file. The file in question has been attached. Template.pdf