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  1. The problem also exists in version Hopefully there will be an update soon.
  2. Hello, my performance problems disappeared when I closed the History Tab. That's it.
  3. The new beta is better than the old one or the actual main version. Every Persona in the actual beta works fine expect the "Photo Persona". Using any tool in the Photo Persona is connected with a freezing window.
  4. Hello, are your problems the same as the one in these two threads? And please test the beta.
  5. AD seems to have the same problem: ... Asche
  6. Hello, starting AP takes a long time. If I open a picture, its quite impossible to work with AP. If I use a tool e.g. pushing a slider for brightness, it slides a few percent and then the software freezes for five seconds. But CPU und GPU aren't working to capacity. I also installed the actual beta and there are no problems. So I hope now Serif will publish the new version 1.6 in the near future.