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  1. Mark Spencer

    App Crash on Photo Access

    I'm disappointed that I haven't had a response to this post. I had rather hoped to hear SOMETHING from the admins, even a simple acknowledgement. Mark
  2. Mark Spencer

    App Crash on Photo Access

    Update: so I updated to 1.6.4 today, and have a change. The two photos that wouldn't reload no longer cause a crash ! While the thumbnail exists in the Projects view, now I get a message telling me the document cannot be found. Looking forward to a response...
  3. Mark Spencer

    App Crash on Photo Access

    Admins - please let me know that you have seen this. If you're working on reproducing the issue (or can't) , that is a reasonable response. of there is any further information I can supply, you need but ask. thanks, Mark
  4. Mark Spencer

    Crop Tool Constraints

    Silly auto-correct ! I need Duolingo to keep up - haven't gotten to obrigado yet !
  5. Hi - my name is Mark and I'm a photo-holic. It's been 24 hours since I last held a camera... Hi Mark ! Im just getting started with v1.6.3 on my iPad Pro 12.9" w. 256Gb storage, and I am noticing an odd behaviour when I attempt to open a file which has been imported from Apple Photos as CR2, developed, and then lightly edited, I can export to a JPG and share the photo. this sharing could be 1) back to the Photos app, or shared to my WD NAS device, or shared via Social media. I then Cancel out of the Export pane, and continue about my daily life. But the NEXTtime I try to open the image, the app crashes. When I double-click the home button the screen shows the Export pane, then launches the usual Affinity Photo startup graphic. it is not isolated to just one image. I have created a couple of project folders and the behaviour seems to be associated with the last photo I edited. the photo is properly exported - it shows up in the Photos app as a JPG, or on the NAS device. The original CR2 is intact in the Photos app. so I think this is unexpected behaviour. i look forward to your continued support with my "Addiction" ! Mark
  6. Mark Spencer

    Crop Tool Constraints

    Much is gra├žias !
  7. Hola ! Newbie here... Is there a function in the Crop Tool which will let me constrain the crop to 16X9, rather than Xpixel by Ypixel ? Thanks in advance, Mark

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