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  1. Celebrating 6 months existence of this bug In the past few days I gave up hope that this bug will ever be fixed. I invested quite some time to find a workaround, taking different ways. Finally, I found a solution. Even better than the one I used before. So I was wrong in my first comment. There was a workaround. I rewrote my macros and reworked 50+ images. I finally could upgrade from version 1.8.0 to 1.8.5 On the positive side I learned a lot about Affinity Photo- On the negative side there remains a tiny grain of bitter feeling being ignored and left alone. But
  2. Beta is out, but, unfortunately, this bug is still not fixed,. I fear it won't even be fixed in the production release 1.8.4. which would mean that I have to wait for another 3-4 months. Apparently the severity of this bug got got wrongly judged by the developers. It happens in the process of "edge sharpening", which is a common technique, particularly useful in sharpening night scenes, to avoid increasing the noise by only sharpening the edges. The Gaussian Blur is needed to smooth the edges of the mask previously created by the "Edge Detect" filter to avoid nasty artifacts.
  3. Grid artifacts appear after having applied a live Gaussian Blur. I first noticed the bug with v1.8,2 and hoped it would vanish with with the betas, V1.8.3 came out failrly quickly and, unforunately, the bug ist still there. Let's start from the beginning. Applying a Gaussian Blur to an edge masked "Unsharp Mask" layer. Everything seems fine, but the grid is already there (and spoiling the unsharp mask) Let's make the grid visible with a Curves adjustement Moving the slider of the Gaussian Blur changes the grid Zooming in also changes the gr
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