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  1. Today I noticed all of my Affinity software (1.6.4, both Designer and Photo) does not work. It opens to a white screen with a working carousel (screenshot below). Tried updating drivers, doing all the things in the forum, including uninstalling. It's not working either, as the installer does not work (attaching a screenshot - the installer is the small blimp - not doing anything). I believe it might be due to some funny Win10 update (I woke up to my laptop restarting, which most likely meant it updated itself without my knowledge.), but I'm kind of out of options now. Really appreciate any help or suggestions. Michal PS. I've been running Affinity 1.6.4 both Designer and Photo on a Win10, XPS13 9360 64-bit machine without any problems till today.
  2. After a number of other attempts (install / uninstall Windows updates, do a full system scan, remove/rebuild font cache, update BIOS & chipset drivers) - everything is working now...
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    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Have a similar problem - the installer is not loading and both Affinity Designer and Photo stopped working completely (after what I presume was a Win10 update I did not agree too) - Created post in a bug forum thread too -