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  1. Thanks for checking In on this DWright! Really appreciate it! However the look I'm trying to get involves the curves adjustment on top of the 3D text. It's likely that I applied an HSL shift over it and/or a gradient map. but with all the lighting and HSL options combined with and without layers turned on or off will take me weeks and weeks to trace back. That's why I came to the forum, hoping someone used this more often and saw what combination of style adjustments it was made up of. Super thankful for your reply and effort, I can tell you get what I'm going for, I just don't th
  2. Hey everyone, I've got a problem. I'm hoping someone with extensive or plenty of knowledge on this matter sees this and can help me in recreating what I made last year. Wether it's just a tip or a guide from one who can see right through what I've made. I'm feeling I spent way too much time on this already as I charged my macbook 3 times while doing nothing different from trying to solve this mystery. ANY HELP IS WELCOME, I MEAN IT! I know it's possible because I did it before, without leaving the affinity designer application. But I lost the original file and right now I need t
  3. Good to see more people coming from pixelmator, I made the switch to designer late 2016 after first getting pixelmator mid 2015.
  4. Sorry for the delay, I copied the text from the report and exported it as PDF and attached it here, because it might be useful for the team still. The unticking of the two boxes except Clear User Defaults worked. Is it necessary I tick them back on? crash report.pdf
  5. Thanks a lot! I wanted to do that but it was quite long so I wasn’t sure if that was allowed. Im just about to leave the house, I’ll share everything in a little over an hour! Thanks a lot again
  6. For over two weeks now my Affinity Photo crashed every. single. time I want to create a new document, drag and drop, create from clipboard, manual settings... nothing works. I deleted the app and reinstalled it twice, I rebooted my Mac a dozen times, during these weeks I've had to work with lower quality programs but I really need affinity photo back. I've been a happy usr for over a year but I just can't get it to work. I've sent the crash reports before but I'm stuck now, I really need to get it to work...
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