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  1. I am quite disappointed with version 1.7. And I have it on both my iMac and MacBook Pro. So far my experience with Clone, Healing and Denoise functionalities have been very bad. Its making me to consider reverting back to Photoshop. I did not back up v 1.6. Is there anyway to restore v1.6?
  2. Somehow the clone tool under version 1.7 is not as responsive in comparison with the older version. What are your experiences?
  3. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately that makes workflow difficult. Wonder if Pixelmator is the same?
  4. Can anyone tell me how I can import RAW photos TOGETHER with the sequential number generated by the camera. For example, after I take a shot, the camera generate a number say, _MG_4701.CR2. When I download my photos onto iPad, this number cannot be found. It makes it very hard for me to organise my photo folders on iPad and also on my external backup disk. Any help or suggestions is appreciated. _MG_4071.CR2
  5. I learned Photoshop using "Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom In A Book". It was easy to flip through pages and learn, plus it has sample photos to work on. I have been looking for a hard copy text. Those that I found on Amazon are in German language, which is not a language I know. Can anyone give me a suggestion where I can find an English text?