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  1. Glad I found this thread! I've been trying to use Affinity Photo as much as possible since I bought it. My biggest issue has been the icons all over. I also have CS6 from work, and despite rendering tits own icons at a much smaller size (lack of scaling to HiDPI), they are MUCH easier to discern and see at a glance than Affinity's much larger, and more colorful icons. I really struggle with the Affinity ones. They are difficult to decipher and are also difficult to to just click on quickly. There is often reasons that massive companies like Adobe, in this case, go with the grey scale/monotone icons, because they are often much easier to read. Another example of this is Microsoft adding monotone icons to the Settings page in Windows 10. They are all clearly discernible from one another in both these instances, where in Affinity I have no idea what's what. This is something I hope to see improved. I am looking forward to the Light UI in the upcoming 1.6 release, since I do prefer that - but I think they are two separate issues. Not sure why there's so much hostility going on here.

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