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  1. I found an easy way to add Hebrew text to your Affinity Publisher and Designer. Yes, I bought all 3 of their applications and have been using them for a long time. I lived in Russia and I did not need a Hebrew. Now I came back and realized that I need to do something .... So, the algorithm is simple. 1. Make a design in English 2. In any program that can work with R2L order (Pages in my case), build a block of text in Hebrew. 3. Export this text as PDF file 4. Open this PDF in the publisher or in the designer. 5. Copy the block of text via clipboard to your design. Thats all!
  2. That's awesome! It feels like back in the 90s ... That's awesome! It feels like back in the 90s ...
  3. You can use an EPS-format to exchange your work between SketchUP and AF & AD.

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