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  1. Just in case you didn;t see the notes in the edit: EDIT: SALVATION! So, I did flood selection tool > Select > Invert pixel selection. Then > Selection Brish Tool > Refine > New Layer I then exported the new layer. result!
  2. EDIT: SALVATION! So, I did flood selection tool > Select > Invert pixel selection. Then > Selection Brish Tool > Refine > New Layer I then exported the new layer. result! Hello, I'm having a devil of a time trying to export an image so that it has a transparent background. The problem is that it continues to export with a white background. I've tried 1. Starting new file, making sure "transparent background" is selected 2. Exported as PNG file with -> "Area: Selection without background" selected (this seems to give me no image) The image that I'm working on is below. I've used flood selection tool, then "invert pixel selection" When I export though...as a PNG file it still has a white background I've also tried 3. Duplicating layer to creating a mask 4. Creating a mask layer I'm pretty new to Affinity. I've watched Lynda.com videos youtube videos, nobody seems to be able to solve this porblem Any suggestions would be most welcome.
  3. I Can't seem to be able to get rid of a murky hue that exist around an image (attached). I've used refine tool decreasing border width and ramp unticked matte edges. Other suggestions welcome!
  4. I'm using refine selection tool and will pause using it for a second or two and it will automatically undo what I've refined. It's a little comical but also quite frustrating! I'm assuming I have a settng on that is causing this. Please help!
  5. I frequently close the loop in the free hand selection prior to when I intend to. This is frustrating because I have to start the whole thing again. I've been advised that I can use the history tool to go back previous steps. The problem is that the history tool (on my version) doesn't seem to acknowledge any slection points of the freehand selection. It only acknowledges when I started using the free hand selection tool, rendering it useless for me as I it means I just have to go back to the start. Are there any settings that enable history to record each point of the freehand selection tool?
  6. I'm trying to remove the background from an image using >freehand selection tool>polygon. I seem to get to a point in the image though where the selection tool closes and the marching ants appear. How do I unclose this so that I can continue to select my object?
  7. Hi. I'm a beginner to Affinity and I'm trying to sharpen up the edges of a logo. I'm setting the image up with 300dpi as it will need to be printed (attached) * The "red PI in a circle" was imported as a PNG files and seems to pixelate at the edges. *The text seems to be able to maintain resolution. The blue "Active" logo seems to be able to keep resolution. *There seems to be a good video for Affinity photo, but my Affinity Photo has a bug so none of the tool icons are rendering on the app. Thus if you could provide assistance on Affinity Designer that would be appreciated.
  8. Hi Chris B, They are still missing, its exactly the same. I don't have any external monitors plugged in.
  9. Upon opening Affinity Photo this morning I was greeted to just a black background and no tool icons (see image). To my knowledge I changed nothing in the settings. I'm sure I just need to readjust something in settings. I have no idea what though! Pleas hlep
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