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  1. Fab. Props to the all involved in the fix.
  2. +1 here. I'm hitting this a lot working with text. Speech bubbles as below, but simpler things such as chaining start points to end points.
  3. tobyspark

    Smart Speech Bubble

    I am also stuck on something like this. I want an arbitrary shape to expand to the size of an artistic text object. The constrain feature seems perfect for this, but it only applies to parent-child relationships. Parent-child does not work here, as the text needs to be the parent to drive the constraint, but having the text as parent clips the shape to the text.
  4. Glad to hear it's not expected behaviour! Props for the work so far, and a metaphorical beer to the developer when the fix is in.
  5. A symbol, placed on an artboard, degrades into a group when duplicating the artboard. Video attached. affinitydesigner-symbolartboardduplicationissue.mov