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  1. hope it will come soon, as it's an important feature e.g. for technical drawings
  2. Alferic-1

    still problems with files for Wikipedia

    another bug is with gradients. If there is a polygon with gradients this parts disappear after being rendered in WP examples: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Freischnitt-svg.svg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:WP-Wolldom.svg in the thumbnails you see missing part, but it is existing as you see when clicking on thumbnail
  3. You can save to different file formats with File - Export
  4. a new file I created for WP lost all lines. What went wrong ? file in WP: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Test-Ada.svg original files attached. at exporting to svg: closed lines get black at rendering in WP: lines disappear completely Test-Ada.svg Test-Ada.afdesign
  5. Alferic-1

    Bug at rendering text

    That would be fine if I wouldn't to have to change some text to curves
  6. Alferic-1

    Quick way to duplicate a layer

    You can do it also as well known CopyPaste with ⌘C ⌘V
  7. Alferic-1

    Bug at rendering text

    So, now I've loaded up a buggy file to WP. The SVG itself looks fine, but rendered in WP the text is broken https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Testfile.svg I hope this bug can be fixed (or is still fixed in beta?). This bug occurs frequently
  8. Alferic-1

    Bug at rendering text

    The SVGs are ok, but Wikipedia has problems rendering the SVGs and produces broken text. I think something in the file is wrong see attached screenshot from thumbnail of nok-Version. see on left side the colour explanation for yellow and black this evening I will load up a file to Wikipedia with broken text, so that you can see it better as in this small thumbnailscreenshot
  9. Alferic-1

    Bug at rendering text

    another bug I found, when creating SVGs for Wikipedia. Sometimes text is broken. Look here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eichenlaubverleihung_1943-00.svg in the older version the text "Luftwaffe" and "Waffen-SS" is broken (but not the other ones) I maked a workaround by converting the texts to curves. Is this bug known? attached files: - Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00 Kopie.afdesign Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00 Kopie.svg = original versions which produce broken text - Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00.afdesign Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00.svg = new versions with curve-text Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00 Kopie.svg Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00.svg Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00 Kopie.afdesign Eichenlaubverleihung_1944-00.afdesign
  10. Hello Peter, great! so it works perfectly. Thank for the hint with the "paste inside" Alferic-1 FillTest3.afdesign
  11. Thank You for the answers. Today it's too late to try it, but I will do it tomorrow according to your guidance
  12. For the whole document I can change the units in File - Document Setup - Document Units e.g. to px But where can I change the units for strokes? They always are shown in pt and can't be changed to px, mm etc. I can enter in px, but then it is still converted to pt
  13. Yes like this - it needs not to look such artful, only plain I want to make drawings e.g. like this: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Verleihung_Eichenlaub_an_ausländische_Personen.jpg
  14. Hello MEB, I tried, but it doesn't work Look my attacked testfile: I want to fill the drop with the "flag", everything outside the drop shall be blank 1st picture: start version 2nd picture: I marked yellow stripe of flag, then drop, then I clicked the intersect tool: OK 3rd picture: I marked red flag tripe, green flag stripe, then drop. When I use intersect tool: everything vanishes: NOK (the marking of only two of the three stripes was for demonstration, I first marked all stripe and then everything disappeared) 4th picture: I grouped flag stripes: intersect tool is blanked out and can't be used What do I wrong? FillTest2.afdesign
  15. I want to fill one shape with another one. e.g in a map I want to have the shape of the country filled with the flag of the country. How an i do this. I tried to work with the tools in the intersect toolbar, but didn't get it