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  1. Here is what it shows... With this I can paste into Affinity Photo using NEW FROM CLIPBOARD.
  2. Indesign preferences has a clipboard handling setting but it only allows you to specify PDFand/or Indesign Interchange formats. I am using InsideClipboard to view the clipboard content. If I use Adobe Photoshop to open an image and copy it to the clipboard the Affinity Photo NEW FROM CLIPBOARD is finally available and I can paste the image into Affinity Photo. So, Affinity Photo must not accept PDF clipboard items at least those from Indesign. Seems to me that the developers could fix this problem. PDF is a very common format. Maybe more testing to conclusively prove this later...
  3. I do not own Designer. Regarding the clipboard the formats available on the clipboard are PDF and InDesignInterchange
  4. I want to say "thank you" to everyone who has replied. For the past 6 months i continue to use Photoshop because i am unable to use the NEW FROM CLIPBOARD. I have the most current version of Affinity Photo for Windows (version At least that is what I recently updated to. I was hoping my problem had been fixed. I tried the Paste Special but I first need to create a new document and then can "paste special" into it. My NEW FROM CLIPBOARD is always grayed out. I have never seen it otherwise. How it worked with Indeign and Photoshop, I select an Indesign layout and copy it.
  5. Yes, I have the windows version. Months have gone by and still no ability for NEW FROM CLIPBOARD. I'd like to switch from Adobe Photoshop but... this feature is important .Affinity - can you help?
  6. I have version of Affinity Photo. I's like to copy a design in Adobe Indesign and create a new document using Affinity Photo just like I do using Adobe Photoshop. But, my "New from Clipboard" is always grayed out" Any idea why? No problem doing this with Photoshop.
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