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  1. Hi. I bought Designer for Mac a couple of years ago. I have since moved to another country and am temporarily using a laptop PC. As I have changed the operating system, do I need to re purchase the software again for the different OS...
  2. Hi Chris. No, not on a Master page... There are overall bleed images on all the document pages but not on the master. Regards.,,
  3. Thanks Adam. I use a Mac and all my work is stored on a LaCie separate drive (USB). This has never previously presented any problems... Obviously, this is still in BETA and, as such, great to have you guys there to assist. Thanks again!
  4. Hi Jason. Just re-started the Mac and it appears to be working okay now - I'd be keen to hear if the problem resolves itself if you try doing this yourself... (Almost crapped myself though - the document I'd been working on has 24 pages and most of them had already been completed, as such, this initially looked like a major nightmare.)
  5. Opened a project created in previous version, did some amends and Publisher failed to save... (Screen grab of Panel that appeared is attached below.) I was also unable to do a 'save as' - the same panel appeared... As a work round, I created a new document (same size etc...) and copy/pasted all items from original document to new document. Document contained an overall bleed image and Publisher still refused to save this new version. I deleted the image and Publisher did allow me to save this... Once this was successfully completed, I could re-insert the background image and Publisher DID allow subsequent saving. I also found the margin editor would not always allow me to modify the position of the margin guides, for example, they were set at 25mm as a default, when I accessed the Margin editor, it said they were at 10mm... It took repeated attempts in order to change the values.
  6. Great news Mr. Harris. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I have just clicked on the 'padlock' icon top right in the glyphs palette and 'hey presto' it works!!! I have been using InDesign since 2004 or so (right from the start) and obviously, this facility has been available (and taken for granted) within InDesign since then. I have also been unfortunate enough to have had to use CorelDraw at a company I freelanced with recently and as CorelDraw does not have the same functionality, it has had a detrimental effect on workflow. The facility to automatically syncs glyphs to the selected font has always been very important to us guys that use non-English Latin based or other alphabets (Cyrillic, Arabic etc...). Occasionally, some typefaces that would appear be ideal for a text font for use in a number of different languages don't actually contain all the glyphs you might require for all those international documents, as such, having instant access to the available glyphs for each font by clicking in the text field and referring to the available glyphs automatically via the glyphs palette allows me to make the decision to use a particular font 'across the board' instantly. Thanks also to Old Bruce and MikeW for their input...
  7. Appreciate that Bruce, however, I'm sure that isn't the case when the glyph appears in the middle of a word. As this is invariably the case, surely a default within the glyph palette to match the currently selected font/size etc, would speed up the workflow. Obviously, for other instances, the font etc, would be easily adjusted manually.
  8. Hi all. I am frequently required to work using Maltese and other European languages, all of which contain a number of characters that are easily available via the glyphs palette. However, when I click/drag over a character in order to substitute the correct Maltese glyph, the glyph palette (currently) doesn't automatically update to the same font as the one I'm working with. The glyph will substitute as required but in a different typeface to the run of text. This means (obviously) I subsequently have to re-select the glyph and manually change the font/weight to match in with the surrounding type. It would be far more efficient if the glyph palette instantly mirrored the typeface, weight, size and any tracking/baseline shift adjustments automatically, as soon as the text to be amended was selected.
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