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  1. Hello i've been using the beta for a while now, and i want to share some feedback of my experience until now, hoping that this can help to improve the software. First thing that i noticed since i started using it, is that i can't find a confortable way to use the app without moving or changing the layers with my hand, i think that would be helpful to have some kind of palm rejection when you're using the pencil. The only way that i find to avoid this problem, is to grab all my layers and put them inside a folder, then i lock the folder to avoid weird selections and layer displacement with my right hand. About the menus, i think that can be more useful, if the curves, levels, or any other effect just have some text buttons without previsualization, this way i think they'll be easier to find without surfing the whole list of images, and probably you can add some kind of quick access menu, or customizable menu with a group of favorite actions or adjustments. Also would be great if we can undock some menus like the color wheel. Adding a lock/unlock button directly over every layer, like the hide/unhide. Easy hide/unhide selected element, to work with a single object when we've a lot of layers. (something like hide unselected function), also an invert selection function for the layer menu. Maybe could be great if the right side bar, can be something like a drop down menu, where we can have the stuff we need open, because for me is a bit time consuming that i've to open and close every single menu, trying to find what i'm looking for with the icons. (just an idea pherhaps you already try this one and doesn't work). About the new version, i noticed that the app doesn't work well with the splitted screen, would be great that if I can keep working on the app while i'm searching some references on the web or any other application. Also i want to share the first matte painting i did with the app. Thanks a lot in advance,