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  1. japhy

    HDR merge on iPad not working

    I see. I guess I‘ll have to wait for the update then. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I‘m on an iPad Pro with Affinity Photo (latest version) as well as the latest public iOS beta (12) and I‘m unsuccessfully trying to merge 3 photos to an HDR. I‘ve tried using RAW (.nef) as well as JPG. The result looks like the attached image. Is it possible that Affinity Photo is not yet compatible with iOS 12? Developing RAW images (not HDR) works well, on the other hand .... Jörg
  3. japhy

    Unable to copy layer

    Hi, I have just experienced the exact same problem: the copy-item was greyed out (keyboard shortcuts didn't work either) inside the layer context-menu. Closing and re-opening the files remedied the problem. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.5.2 (the OSX appstore version).

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