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  1. Well, sometimes the easy solutions work the best. Strangely enough, I had just restarted the iPad and it wasn't working, but I did it again and it's functioning perfectly now. Thanks!
  2. I know there was an issue a bit ago with Sony A7iii RAW files not opening, and Affinity mentioned it was an iOS issue. iOS now has the Sony A7iii on their list of supported files, and rather than just bringing a black screen when I open RAW files from the camera, now it just crashes the app entirely. Anyone else having the same issue?
  3. I'm using a Macintosh machine. I took a look at the plugins that work but I didn't see any lens flare plugins.
  4. Yeah, that's kind of what I've been gathering. Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Much appreciated.
  5. I know this has been addressed, and we're waiting to see if Affinity will make a lens flare option, but in the meantime, does anyone know of any decent lens flare plugins that are available externally that function well with Affinity? I've been searching but don't know if any of them are reliable or worth it.

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