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  1. hresto

    Linux. Seriously now.

    As a Linux user "Ubuntu Xenial" I already purchased this product for Windows. I'm disappointed that I can't use the same license for the Mac version. But, what I'm really disappointed about is that products like these are not available for Linux users who will pay premium for a quality piece of software. Every time I have to dual boot and fire up Windows to use this product I find myself wondering why anyone would use a resource hungry piece of crap slow OS to run their graphics programs. Corel released AfterShot Pro v.2 and v.3 in 64-bit for Linux. Probably the fastest non-destructive photo editing software period. Yes, I purchased it and I'm happy using it. BUT, I would love to use Affinity Photo in Linux and would pay to use it in place of photoshop. Charge me $500 for a lifetime license and I would buy it in a second. This would also allow Serif to flood the market with AF.