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  1. Thank you both for your answers, however where in Affinity Designer is the Perspective Tool? I've tried searching for it under Help, but nothing appears.
  2. Hi, I am having trouble placing a screenshot of my latest website design work into the screen area of a monitor. As you can see from the attachments I have an image showing a laptop screen, which currently has a text editor and code on its screen. I'd like to replace this with the other image, which is some of my web design work. However I can't find any way of doing this without the image looking terrible. Does anyone know how to place that "Screen Shot ..." image inside of the laptop? Please help
  3. gbendy I didn't create the shape. I took a screenshot of it for demonstration purposes from a Dribbble group on Facebook. I just wondered if this form of logo creation was possible and if so how do we make it work. Someone says it is possible on Facebook but the tutorial they referenced was for creating a bee trail, making it look like the bee has flown across the screen. Does anyone have a tutorial on how to create the above logo, for practise only, so I can apply the techniques to create my own logos?
  4. Hi Just a quick question. How do I do this type of thing on Affinity Designer? (I'll see if I can attach an image, can't do it when submitting the topic) I'd like to explore better logo and icon designs but don't know how this can be replicated on AD. Thank you. Oliver
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