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  1. i figured out how to view objects that are not on the canvas, by deselecting "clip to canvas". but how do i do this when working with artboards? i WANT to see what's not on the artboard. i always have artwork off the canvas/artboard. that's how i work. i don't understand why AD has this option. in graphics software, you always see what isn't on the artboard.
  2. When I add a new artboard, the canvas/workspace (what do you call it?) turns pale grey. i want it to remain dark grey. this doesn't happen in the video.
  3. affinity doesn't create new layers. i click on the add layer icon and nothing happens. it's always been like this. thanks
  4. Andy, does that mean it will change back to bright white in the next update?
  5. i've just opened AD since the update and noticed that the background colour is not white, but instead an off-white, light beige colour. has anyone else noticed this and is this a default setting that can be changed? thanks.
  6. quick update, as promised. everything is working ok. thanks again.
  7. affinity fails to quit after I've exported a file as an eps. exporting as a gif, png and jpeg has no issues. i had this problem in beta as well. thanks in advance.
  8. will do. thanks, leigh. (and everyone in the team)
  9. ok, i did that and everything seems to be working ok. i've only selected and deselected objects, checked/unchecked view layers and open and closed the application. but it's working ok now. i'll have a go at creating some new artwork and using the gradient fill (that's when it started playing up. i don't know if i did something weird). i'll let you know either way. thanks again, leigh.
  10. ok, i opened the file with no problems. at first, the objects had the selection line around them. then i selected the text and the line disappeared. in the screenshot (Elipse Selected), you can see at the bottom of AD window, that the object is selected. also, the layers panel is showing that the text layer is selected, though it's actually the ellipse tool that is selected. the other thing is, if i uncheck the view layer box, the tick remains, even though the image is hidden. (screenshot Layers Checkbox). thanks, leigh
  11. i'm using Lion 10.7.5. i'll try the files and get back to you. thanks
  12. i don't know. i haven't fiddled with anything since it came out of the box. i don't understand all that techy stuff. i clicked on one of the screenshots and it did seem big. the other odd thing is that, although i can select and move an object, there is no line around the selected object.
  13. thanks leigh and MEB. i just figured it out and added my screenshots in another post.
  14. ok, i figured out how to add screenshots. Blank Studio: shows that all the info in studio has disappeared. Blank AD: shows that a file has been opened 'Construction_02'. Desktop: shows one of my files is selected in Finder. No Layers: shows that even though there is artwork, there is no layer showing in the Studio panel.
  15. sorry. you asked whether it happens with all my files. at first, it will happen with one or two, then when i go back and open a file that was fine, that becomes blank too.
  16. hello leigh, how do i add a screen shot? i was looking for this, but couldn't find how to do it. i have the screenshots where are the samples? this only started yesterday. I've not had this problem before. the other odd thing is, the studio panels keep going blank. they don't disappear, just no information, including the layers. thanks
  17. thanks, things have gotten worse. when i open a file there is nothing. it looks like i have just opened AD, and have yet to create a file. it worked fine last weekend.
  18. Thanks MEB. how to attach screenshot. I have lost my layers on the layers panel. i quit everything, switched off comp and switched back on, but now have no layers. I'm not getting stressed. I accept it's just not happening.
  19. ome, thanks for that. i would never have looked up there. i was looking to the right. that just seems logical to me. MEB, i'll check out your video.
  20. i didn't realise the gradient tool was at the top. I'm looking to the right. thats where everything else is. but i still have no selection box. it has gone. i can move objects, but cannot see that they are selected. i hardly use AD as i always get stressed.
  21. thanks. now there is no line around objects. i can move them, but when i select, there is no line to show they are selected.
  22. i cannot select my object. on layers panel, the drop down arrow does not respond. affinity just stops responding. it is driving me mad. everything is disappearing from the panels on the right.
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