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  1. Is it possible the Windows Beta is different from the MAC version?
  2. I'm in the same boat as you. Appears to be a learning curve with Affinty. Or their selection tools are not industry standard. I'm left with frustration, end up up clicking and loading old faithful Fireworks. Hopefully someone can show us the light..so we can be free of Adobe subscriptions.
  3. Adobe Fireworks does both (don't need 2 separate programs for vector / raster (illustrations / photos) . All the support forums and alternative suggestions, all point to Affinity Designer as the holy grail replacement. So I bought AD. Installed it. And appears to way different. I am so lost. Can't find simple tools like magic wand. So like you state..I'm on the Afinity Photo for pixel band wagon. Let's try that. Affinity Photo is my second attempt. Especially since they advertised "Magic Wand" on the website (see previous screen grab). I install Affinty Photo. Same issue. No Magic Wand. No simple way to do mass selections, inverse selections, similar selections. It may be there. It's just not obvious. I spend 5 to 10 minutes on it. Give up in frustration, then go back to Fireworks. I'm willing to give Serif a go. I so badly want it to be my go to solution. I'm so done with Adobe subscriptions. I just don't have time to spend x number of months getting up to speed with a new unfamiliar product. My work load is too high. Slowing down to a crawl would kill me. Autodesk was headed in the right direction with "Pixlr Editor" (pixlr.com). Zero learning curve. Editor tools were exactly like Fireworks or Photoshop. But they ditched the desktop app. Free Online with adds now, and painful to use. So that's out. The cost for Affinity products are so affordable. I'll just hold on to it, in hopes it will add basic universal editing tools, so I can hit the ground running, vs crawling. I just hope the product upgrades are not costly.
  4. I just downloaded the Affinity Photo trial for Windows. I see the "Flood Select Tool" in the software, but strangely its called "Magic Wand" on their website at https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/. Hopefully they can get Designer tools designed, for us Fireworks users... who can transition easily.. vs learning a whole new method. Fair enough to add new awesome features. But PLEASE provide the basic methods, so we don't have to learn all at once. We can pick the other new tools and methods over time as we go.
  5. Is there any training for the Affinity Designer for Windows? Any videos, tutorials, etc?
  6. Version for Windows (QUESTION) - Is there a Magic Wand Tool, similar to Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, etc?
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