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  1. Thanks for your patience and prompt answers.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply. I don't think i was clear and want to be sure that is the case because it is so critical to my workflow. While in Focus Merge and after I have the Merged Result I would like to have the Merged Result displayed on one half of the screen and the selection from the Sources Panel displayed on the other half of the screen so when i retouch I can see the area in the Sources Panel selected image that I am retouching in the Merged result. If Affinity Photo does not have this capability I would like to request it in a future update. Thanks
  3. I tried photo merge for the first time and it is impressive, however, while retouching I would like to have the merged image and source image side by side to better navigate my edit (retouch). Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  4. Very unfortunate as many of my loads will be in the 800 to 1k + range. I really like the program. Is there any guidance on the size of the batches that won't crash the system? If its any help I think it is a memory allocation issue where the loading files take over all memory including some protected space. I have 32GB with .5 T SSD as my work drive and a .25 T SSD as my C: (system) drive.
  5. I have a win 10 machine. I am trying to load about 300 NEF (Nikon RAW ) files into Afinity. Each file size is about 73M. The steps I follow are: File/Open Select all files from the dialog Select "Open " from the dialog. The machine loads between 170 and 210 files then seems to take over all system resources to the extent I don't have mouse or keyboard control. I have to power down/up the machine. Alt/Tab and Ctrl/Alt/Del to stop the program have no effect. Any Ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
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