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  1. Is this not the consequence of a webpage having rollovers that aren't usable on a touch interface? It's quite frustrating to have to tap multiple times. Every desktop site with rollovers is a PITA on touch-based devices and I generally give them feedback about it. The whole "responsive" web design thing should be removing rollovers based on browser detection.
  2. Add me to the list of users who REALLY want to see gesture preferences where we can define what the app should pay attention to and what it should ignore when our skin makes contact with the screen. When using a stylus, it tends to be the ONLY thing i want to make marks on the screen. As for zoom, undo, and rotation, I strongly prefer those gestures to also be configurable by the user. I'm in agreement that the rotation and zoom are too easily triggered unintentionally on other apps and want full control here in this one.
  3. AH HAH! Thank you for informing me of that subtle aspect. I've just tested the tilt away from the control point and it works just fine. The instructional video should be changed, IMO, because it might be misleading others who haven't bothered to come here and ask for help.
  4. It's only partially working for me. Tilt seems not to work. I'm going through the intro and the demonstration shows tilt adjusts the light from the top middle adjustment point, via Pencil tilt. This does nothing for me. The Pencil works otherwise as expected. Is there no audio on these videos? iPad Pro 12.9" (first gen), iOS 10.3.1.
  5. Please do. The more space used by stuff that's not mine, the less space there is for stuff that's mine.
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