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  1. So, no speedier movement for the move forward/move backward tool. Damn, that actually really sucks. Took me 35 minutes to make words ooze off a page. Welps! There goes workflow speed on that one. Amazing app, but that part sucks.
  2. I tried it, but nothing is happening. Do they get their own name? ie “smoke brushes”? Otherwise, I’m not seeing anything. Images below: 1) choosing .abr 2) nothing seems to be happening after selected. No prompt or message. 3) No new brushes all the same.
  3. Unfortunately, it crashes when I try to save a copy. As soon as I tap on the iCloud option, screen blacks out. No other way I suppose? (Images below) 1) saving only choose iCloud option available (notice *add* on the upper right is blocked out) it’s what I used the last time to send you the google drive link) now all of a sudden greyed out. 2) I choose iCloud, totally blacks out 3) it’s not crashed, just blacked out. Notice it’s still an active app.
  4. This really excites me. I’ll definitely look through this later. Thank you Obtusity - if you’re in America (Happy 4th of July)
  5. The problem is this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/43219-crashing/?p=215831
  6. Wow, in front of my face the whole time. I was so stuck on following the video, searching where he was mingling, I overlooked the fact the ui is different here for iOS. Thank you
  7. UPDATE: (10.5 iPad) I think this project has somehow become corrupted. Very sad. I’ve been working on this project since Saturday. Couple things lead me to this thought of it being corrupted. I created a test project for troubleshooting purposes, the following actions, it was able to execute without a problem. 1) I can copy/paste onto the pasteboard just fine. 2) I can backout just fine from my test project. Now, whenever I commit any of the actions presented above with my corrupted project. Crazy shit starts to happen. If I back out of the project it crashes the app. If copy/paste to pasteboard - nothing happens. I’m thinking maybe too many layers made it corrupt? (Is there a limit of layers allowed?) Anyways, this literally hurts my soul. So many hours of research, watching tutorials, scouring through forums to gather the appropriate knowledge to complete this project, make it look awesome (for a noob like myself) and get it done for an upcoming event, which this is project is needed for, by no later than Thursday for marketing the event on a site. ORIGINAL POST: Been working with Affinity all day, all the questions I’ve been storming on here since this morning were all pertaining to me and the project I’m currently working on. App lasted over a little past 24hours of consistent working with it, then starts the crashing phase. Lol. The Scenario: I went to hit the back button after I tried to rasterize a smoke image I opened up. Was trying to save my work, and it just crashes. Lost some work. I shut down the app (X Button on home screen) reboot my iPad, and still crashes. Did this twice. I deleted some layers from the project, still crashes. Is there a way to save without backing out? Can I upload my work to iCloud and pull it back in from the cloud? (At this point, I have to uninstall the app and reinstall) wouldn’t want want to do so, unless I receive confirmation I can pull everything in from the cloud. Thanks Mods.
  8. Watching this video: At the 8:51 he pulls out a smoke brush, creating that dope ass effect. I noticed his brushes has numbers, ours does not. I also acknowledged, his brushes are organized in names, referencing the actual effect the brush is creating. Example, he went into the “smoke” category, for a good variety of smoke brushes. That organization and “at a glance” guidance, helps speed up workflow on a major level. Not wasting time, hounding down a particular brush, because it’s not organized by name, is a huge game changer. On iPad all we have is: Texture, Effects and other names, that I have no clue what they do. Would be better, if our brushes were listed like in the video I linked above. SMOKE BRUSH: If this smoke brush is not available on iPad, I presume, you guys will release it as purchasable content? I’m ok with that (company needs revenue to expand) just as long as it performs exactly like the video above or better. If we do have the SAME exact smoke brush as above in our current version of Affinity, would somebody be so kind as to guide me to its location? I can’t find it nor... do I know how to tweak an existent brush to produce effects like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  9. Yes, I double checked, triple checked. Better image for you here, showing it selected.
  10. Unfortunately this is not working. It’s either not copying onto the PB or not pasting over from the PB onto the new document. I’ve attached images.
  11. UPDATE: Solved Texting is BUGGY! BUGGY! Jumping all over the place, no way to move cursor or establish type area. It’s a mess. I’m confident devs are aware. There’s no way they can’t be, as bad as it is. For newcomers, beware. Location: Artistic text tool, photo persona, all the way in the bottom.
  12. As title asks? Trying to create shadows as per this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/M_OsqSRG0S4 It’s not in filters. The one I found is in FX, it’s just a turn on dial, nothing happens when turned on. In the video, a gray backdrop came up and he was able to drag the gradient. Not getting that here. What am I doing wrong?
  13. ellipsis icon? Where is that, I have two layers selected and need to merge Found it, for new comers like myself, he means the 3 dots on the upper (left side) of your screen. NOT the 3 dots directly above your layers.
  14. UPDATE: Solved. Ellipsis icon (the 3 dot icon upper left screen, after selecting your layers) Select your multiple layers. (Put finger/Apple Pencil on layer, while finger/Apple Pencil is resting on it, swipe to you left) this is how you select multiple layers. Once layers selected, the 3 dots on the upper (left side) of your screen. NOT the 3 dots directly above your layers, go in there select merge, then select chosen layers (or specific to your scenario). If I saved you time, let me know, thanks.
  15. As title asks, is this possible? I’m noticing, whenever I place an image, it’s pulling it in from my iPad photo gallery. Could I not pull in pictures from within another project inside Affinity itself?
  16. Hi Callum, thanks man - you’re amazing! But that option doesn’t appear when I have push forward chosen. Unless I increase speed in the thaw speed dial (the one you’re showing me) and by me increasing its speed dial, it will somehow universally, apply to all tools I use within warp persona? I’ve attached image to show the missing speed dial on my end.
  17. Was watching a YouTube video, where there’s an option on desktop version to speed it up. I’d like to do the same. Currently, I’m trying to melt the ends off of letters, to give it a melted, oozing look. Shouldn’t take this long, it’s moving at a snails pace. I should have the option of having it, match my hand speed. Can somebody guide me here. Thank you.
  18. UPDATE: (Solved) Found it. Watched this tutorial: For those newcomers like myself, wait until he gets to the part with the woman, you’ll see how to dim lights, and setup lighting. (STILL NOT SOLVED - getting closer, YouTube, scattered google & affinity forums information slows process) Still searching for torch help, need to make that fire pop in the image below, also I need to know how to get the ends of the fire to look more like “strands of flame” and not that big gumbo of matted clump being shown. Wondering if I can somehow implement this technique: This attached image below is for a game of thrones medieval event this coming up this Tuesday. My vision for the photo: 1) get the orange words to slightly melt off the banner. 2) A portion of a dragons backside showing from the far left screen of the image, as if walking away. 3) the Knight holding the sword, the sword having some kind of fire effect emanating, 4) Ground underneath the Knight, having a scraped crevice, as if he scraped his sword alongside it, before brining it to the battle ready position he now wields it in. Never edited before, only cropping, going to be a long two days, unless some veteran on here responds, and helps shorten my learn curve with direction. ORIGINAL POST: Hello, iPad 10.5 Just created the following image. I’m trying to dim the surrounding area, with a medieval tavern type yellow warm glow, emphasize brightness onto the torch. Also, is there any fire effects or fire filters to make the fire pop out more? As of now the fire looks “matted” on and not natural (free flowing) any ideas? Potential, could it that while I was busy selecting the fire, in the selection persona, I left on an option called “matte” in the context box - could this be the reason for this ugly fire I have going on in the torch? Dear professionals, Please advise. Thank You!
  19. Must be a bug. Here’s how it was fixed: I had to unselect that pixel image, select another picture, deselect that picture, then go back to the initial rasterized image and boom, it worked. Alex, you’re amazing, your guidance lead me there. This must be a bug.
  20. Thank you Alex! Inpainting still doesn’t work after I rasterized and converted image to pixel
  21. UPDATE 3: (Solved) Dear mod, please close thread :) Solution: Must be a bug. Here’s how it was fixed: I had to unselect that pixel image, select another picture, deselect that picture, then go back to the initial rasterized image and boom, it worked. UPDATE 2: I chose Rasterize in picture persona, image has now become pixel, (says so on the layers label) but inpainting still won’t work. UPDATE 1: Found out the issue, just don’t know how to fix it. I can’t inpaint because it’s stored as an image not a pixel. So how do I convert the image into pixel? Or, How do I import the image as a pixel? (It imported it as an image, when I chose it from place image under photo persona) ORIGINAL POST: Hello, iPad Pro 10.5 I have no idea what’s going on here. I’ve read around, none of the proposed solutions I’ve come into contact with are working for me. I’m trying to inpaint the door in the attached image.
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