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  1. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome :) Unfortunately, I was not successful by using drag&drop from Lightroom to Affinity. Didn't get any error but no import. Tried it with dng but also with TIFF images.
  2. Hello For real estate work, I need to open several images as layers and blend them together for the final image. My workflow is mostly in Lightroom but I'd like to use Affinity Photo for the blending of different layers. The "classic" way is to select the images in Lightroom and use the function "Open as layers in Photoshop...". Is there a efficient workflow to do that with Affinity Photo as well? As a workaround, I currently select multiple images in Lightroom and open them as single images in Affinity Photo. Then I manually copy and paste all layers into one image. It works but is quite time consuming. Thank you very much for your support!