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  1. Hi Lad, I use a Nikon and had the same problem. I downloaded a NEF codec from the Nikon site. I assume Canon do the same.
  2. 'verysame' just suggested downloading 'fast picture viewer' and it works...!! 15 days free trial then $10
  3. Many thanks, i'll take a look....... That's the answer, superb...!! Thanks very much. I'll tell the guys on the other thread.
  4. Hi jhoy, Thanks for the reply. Just tried that, unfortunately there is no difference. No preview. I have just noticed another recent thread with the same topic. Files open ok, after a while, but without a preview there is no way of knowing what file I am opening.
  5. I am having the same problem with my Nikon D500 on a windows 7 PC. Unable to preview an image before I open it....... I have tried all the different view options but none of them show a preview. Very frustrating. Steve.
  6. Hi all, Installed Affinity Photo onto my windows 7 pc this afternoon but cannot see how to view my raw images before I open them. When I click file/open/folder where the images are, all I see are the raw icons, nef files in my case, with no image preview. Doesn't Affinity has it's own 'Bridge' type of raw browser? Many thanks, Steve.
  7. Nooby question, to open a raw file I go to file/open/file folder where the images are - but all I see are the image icons, no images (not in the preview panel either) so I have no idea what image I am opening..... Doesn't Affinity have something like Bridge where you can view the file before you open them. I have searched but could not find a solution. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Steve.
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