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  1. I Would Really like to turn a simple black and white image into a vector Image , an ability that is available on other Vector creating softwares I cant wait until you place this ability into Affinity Designer
  2. I Would Love the ability to change an image to Vector! Like i feel this is a big piece of Affinity that is missing but HOPEfully they will Add this feature SOON!
  3. Distanzia

    The good, the bad

    I Really want the Image to Vector Ability which is available on both Illustrator and Inkscape But i cant find it here in Affinity , PLEASE add it SOON it's a major letdown in my eyes that this feature is not here... But other wise this is a powerful tool in my artillery and really is an inexpensive compared to Illustrator dose the job for SVG images for Sprakol Scribe and well it just need the ability to turn images into vector ones , just black and white ones will do in my eyes although Illustrator has a really good Version in its latest update that makes iven a normal hi res picture look pretty good in Vector (albeit that its not tip top and if you look closely you will see your final vector images is missing quality) SO PLEASE ADD this feature soon !!!! (copy the source code form InkScape if you have to LOL)

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