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  1. impossiblecolor

    Background colour

    I can start a new file in Adobe Illustrator and have a white background from the start instead of a checkerboard without doing anything. Every second counts when you have a busy day
  2. impossiblecolor

    Background colour

    The feels like a pretty clumsy solution. I expected something more modern from affinity for something that is used so frequently
  3. I am going to second this as well. Frustrating trying to work exclusively in Affinity with a limited tool set.
  4. impossiblecolor

    The good, the bad

    Thanks Hokusai, that's good to know! I just bought the program. I'm fine hanging on to my CS6 Master suite for the meantime. Ctrl+L is great, I just think a right click option or unlock hotkey would be a quick fix for that end. Thanks Alfred! That solves my problem.
  5. I just bought Affinity Designer yesterday. First of all, great job! I've been working in vector art for over a decade and I'm impressed with your innovation. The good: Your pen tools are far superior to anything else I have used thus far. Awesome set of shape tools - the most comprehensive so far. The visual controls to alter them save me a lot of time ie. rounded corners on the fly. Nice touch with the transparency tool - this was so frustrating in Adobe Illustrator. The customizable UI is sleek and intuitive The bad: Where is the line smoothing? Every vector illustration software I've ever used had this feature. It is standard workflow to 1)rough in your illustration, 2)smooth, then 3)hand edit the node handles. I found something promising in the node area called 'convert to smooth', but it actually added more nodes. This is the exact opposite of what smoothing should do! Where is the raster to vector trace equivalent? I looked everywhere and I can't figure this out. This is such a common function for artists working between mediums - you're basically excluding them right from he start. For reference check out Adobe Illustrator's powerful image trace palette. Restrain proportions/dimensions when resizing elements is not consistent. Placed images and text will stay proportional by holding down ALT. Everything else stays proportional while holding down shift. Why the inconsistency? I can't seem to figure out how to lock objects without having to go to the layer palette and doing it manually. Thanks for the hard work! I've been in software development for 12 years. I know the sacrifices made and wish you the best of luck.