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  1. I checked my email again and all I see is just one email out of eight that went out. Also, I asked the person i am sending the images to if he received Multiple emails of the same image and he answered no. Can you please check on how reliable is Affinity for sharing images by email and possibly adding "message sent" feature to confirm the action took place? Thank you
  2. Yes I checked my email as you mentioned but there is not trace of sent emails except last one. I never had this problem before but since I'm using affinity for iPad Pro I noticed this. Please advise. Thank you.
  3. I forgot to mention: once I hit send gmail window will close and go back to affinity photo. That is all I see so far.
  4. Once I Am finished editing the file (raw) I go for the conversion to jpeg adjust the rest of available settings (quality, meta dear and etc.) and select share. At this point I'll be presented with available options, select more and choose gmail. At this point gmail application will open with image attached to it, I will enter email address and hit send. One of eight attempts will deliver the email. Please let me know if you need additional info. Thank for your prompt answer.
  5. Hello everyone, After saving a raw image as a jpeg and wanting to share it by email (gmail) isn't working 100%. After 8 attempts only one image was emailed. Any known issue from users? I could use your advice as sharing images by email is my last step to complete my workflow. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, I'm using affinity 1.6.2 for iPad Pro 10.5". I edited a raw file saved as jpeg and wanted to share it by email (gmail) within affinity as shown in tutorials. This feature it isn't working for me. Please advise. Thank you.
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