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  1. When I create a new document by opening it from a cloud drive, then choose google drive and browse to a folder filled with ORF (EM1) raw files and their JPG counterparts I see the ORF files greyed out. I can't open them. I can open the JPGs just fine. I saw a similar bug report that may or may not be related. That one talks about opening from Photos and the response suggested that perhaps the RAWs hadn't really been imported.https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42130-when-i-import-rawjpeg-photos-from-dslr-ap-opens-only-jpeg/ In my case it's a Google Drive folder and the ORFs are definitely there with their JPGs (I shoot RAW+JPG) John
  2. I've turned on snapping from the menu. When I use the crop tool, which I set to 1:1 ratio, I can see snapping working fine if I use the left/right/top/bottom drag handles. But when I use corner drag handles the snapping only works to the left or right of the image, not the top or bottom.
  3. floyduk

    Cannot import .orf files from cloud

    I've just posted a somewhat similar bug that stops me opening ORF files from Google Drive but in my case I can't open the file at all. It appears greyed out in the file picker.

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