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  1. floyduk

    Cannot import .orf files from cloud

    I've just posted a somewhat similar bug that stops me opening ORF files from Google Drive but in my case I can't open the file at all. It appears greyed out in the file picker.
  2. I've turned on snapping from the menu. When I use the crop tool, which I set to 1:1 ratio, I can see snapping working fine if I use the left/right/top/bottom drag handles. But when I use corner drag handles the snapping only works to the left or right of the image, not the top or bottom.
  3. When I create a new document by opening it from a cloud drive, then choose google drive and browse to a folder filled with ORF (EM1) raw files and their JPG counterparts I see the ORF files greyed out. I can't open them. I can open the JPGs just fine. I saw a similar bug report that may or may not be related. That one talks about opening from Photos and the response suggested that perhaps the RAWs hadn't really been imported.https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/42130-when-i-import-rawjpeg-photos-from-dslr-ap-opens-only-jpeg/ In my case it's a Google Drive folder and the ORFs are definitely there with their JPGs (I shoot RAW+JPG) John