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  1. It would be very useful to be able to create vector patterns and brushes. Having to use rasterized images to use as pattern fills or brushes is not really acceptable and certainly not what I expect from a vector art program. I would like to create a vector graphic and be able to use it as vector art on strokes and I'd like to create vector patterns and fill shapes with this vector pattern.
  2. Hello again, I seem to have isolated the problem to the Wacom pen. When I use touch to move things around on the page there are no issues. If I use my pen, the lag starts and image boxes appear and disappear as I move them. I have the latest drivers installed. Again this only happens on Windows using the Wacom studio pro. I also use a Mac with a Wacom Cintiq and there are none of these issues. By the way, the files are seamlessly cross-platform which is very nice, except for a fonts issue but that is to be expected since I don't have all my fonts installed on both systems.
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. Re the persistent outline, I have already figured out my problem, but thanks for that. Is it possible to have the snap behavior on without the distracting outlines? If not, is this something you would consider implementing? As far as the screen refresh issue, it persists regardless of any software updates to the tablet. I don't know how useful a sample of my layout would be because there IS no layout. I can't get beyond the frustration of placing an image and trying to put any text in about 72 points on the page. I start a new blank document and place an ordinary low-res jpg. There's nothing else on the page to complicate things. No text no other images, nothing. Simply placing the one image and trying to move it around the page is eratic and painfully slow. It will eventually stop refreshing but it won't be positioned where I want it because the image frame I see and move seems to be unrelated to the image I'm moving. Putting just one large character over the image or anywhere on the page and trying to move it around has the same effect. I wish I could grab a video of what happens on the screen and share that. My Wacom Studio Pro is the 16 in. Version if that makes any difference. Thanks,
  4. Bounding box issue I get pink bounding boxes around all images and text boxes that are very distracting and I can't get rid of them. Artistic text is outlined with a similar pink line. it's not a bounding box but a pink outline around individual characters. Image repositioning refresh lag Moving images around the page is almost impossible because the box seems to move while the image is stationary. It feels like I'm trying to crop the image with the image box. Eventually the image refreshes and is positioned roughly where I moved it to. this strange behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes the image box moves with no image in it and the image eventually fills the box by revealing strips, almost like a bad web design page or slow server a la 1997. I use the Publisher program on my Surface tablet with none of these issues. All of my other applications perform equally well on both systems so I'm wondering if there's some sort of specific conflict between Publisher and the Nvidia graphics card on the wacom.