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    krispy got a reaction from LilleG in What's up with painting!??   
    Is it just me or painting on affinity is anything but stellar? I get that it's mostly a photo app but I mean the brushes are a joke. When I try to paint slowly, I get big blotches all the time. I feel there is almost no Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity even after trying to turn the pen pressure toggle on. I was so excited about this app but my excitement slowly fizzeled out after painting with it. I use Procreate and that app is a joy to paint with, so responsive and intuitive but unfortunately missing the other tools wich affinity seems to have. As a new customer, I would be forever grateful if you guys could make this app also geared towards us painters.
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    krispy reacted to ToraAkachan in Affinity Photo - iPad Two-Finger Canvas Rotation Gesture   
    For canvas rotation, it is necessary to select the canvas rotation tool (other apps simply use the two finger gesture for rotation). This is extremely annoying, when drawing with the Apple Pen, because it holds up the workflow big time. Would I be using paper, I would rotate the drawing pad with my left hand, while drawing with the right. At the moment I would have to rotate the iPad for that, which is not possible, as the iPad rests on a stand to provide a comfortable drawing angle. So at the moment, using the canvas rotation tool is like putting away the pencil, rotating the drawing pad, picking up the pencil and draw again. A total waste of time and a huge interference with the workflow. Also, the brushes are set back to default, every time I am switching tools, so after rotating the canvas, I have to customize my brushes again, after every rotation action (I have no use for a pencil with a 43px tip). It is NOT possible to save brush settings with the Assistant or in any other way, as indicated in the manual. It is also not possible to duplicate brushes, which is a shame.
    Also, resting the hand on the display, while using the Apple Pen, occasionally interferes with the pen's actions, carrying out unwanted actions - which is a no-go. Please change that.
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    krispy reacted to ToraAkachan in Apple Pencil   
    Please add a feature that makes AP ignore the fingertip, when using the Apple Pencil. iPad users are used to multi-finger-gestures, so it should be no problem programming a little switch in the settings that allows multi-finger touch for various functions, while using tools only works with the pencil.
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