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  1. Is it just me or painting on affinity is anything but stellar? I get that it's mostly a photo app but I mean the brushes are a joke. When I try to paint slowly, I get big blotches all the time. I feel there is almost no Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity even after trying to turn the pen pressure toggle on. I was so excited about this app but my excitement slowly fizzeled out after painting with it. I use Procreate and that app is a joy to paint with, so responsive and intuitive but unfortunately missing the other tools wich affinity seems to have. As a new customer, I would be forever grateful if you guys could make this app also geared towards us painters.
  2. Can we please have a color wheel that is live, meaning it updates live when using the color picker, allowing you to see the difference in hues and values and also can we please have the triangle in the middle stay put instead of constantly rotating.
  3. Yes please this is crucial for us painters.