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  1. First, let me say a huge thank you. This app is becoming a huge pleasure to use. I wanted to point out a couple of things that I feel would make the app more useable from a retouching perspective. It would be amazing if there were some sort of auto save feature. I've had multiple times when working on large raw files that after developing, there will quite often be a crash when working with the inpainting tool (remarkable tool btw). When that crash occurs, all of the edits have been lost unless I regularly back out of the image to the library and let it save. Also, it would be great if the same tools and presets could be selected when loading an image you have previously worked on, I.e. Loading with inpainting selected and current and below for the source rather than having to select that again each time you load the image. Thanks again for all you're doing. This is a fun tool to work with.
  2. LandonArnold

    Raw brush mask

    This issue is not resolved in the current beta
  3. LandonArnold

    Raw brush mask

    There is also an issue with the crop tool when using before developing. It misalignes as well. The guides and the actual crop are different
  4. LandonArnold

    Raw brush mask

    Today's update resolved my raw banding issue, but created a new issue for me. Now, when using the brush to create targeted adjustments in raw, I am only able to paint on 2/3 of the photo. The top 1/3 is cut off...almost like there is a layer misalignment and at 2/3 height you hit the top of the photo.
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    Artifacts when trying to develop RAW

    Thank you. When should this update post?
  6. For some reason, when loading RAW images, affinity is producing a TON of banding and artifacting on the images, specifically on the shadow end. The results are practically unusable upon opening. Am I missing a setting? I am importing 35MB images from a Nikon d810, and I'm pulling them in from a private server, so I know the files haven't been messed with by any third party. Help!