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  1. So a few months after the introduction of the on screen modifier buttons am I using them? No. They are hidden away, in the wrong place, take too long and are too fiddly to get to. They need to be in a floating panel that can be positioned wherever is most ergonomic for the user. The very nature on an iPad means it’s being supported and gripped differently all the time. The UI needs to work with this rather than being rigid like a desktop app. Make no mistake... this is incredible software. But some small UI tweeks could help users unlock that power by makin
  2. On screen modifiers are now here. I've no idea when they were added, but I've only just discovered them. There is a new video in the tutorials section that introduces them.
  3. Just had a random nosey in the tutorials videos, when I noticed one for On Screen Modifiers. I'm man enough to admit I let out a little squeal of excitement! It's an interesting implementation. Contextual modifiers for the appropriate tools, rather than generic ones replicating a keyboard. I've not played around with them much yet, but the main modifiers I wanted are there... set source when cloning, and a quick switch to the node tool from the pen tool. Also, 'ignore snapping' to enable independent control of a node's two handles. I haven't experimented to see i
  4. 100% agree with this too. The ability to manipulate the handles directly from the pen tool and the ability to manipulate each handle independently is a must. I'm glad this is being worked on, can't wait to see what's coming in future updates. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for getting back to me. I've found the keyboard shortcuts in the documentation now. As you say, they're fairly limited at the moment, but I look forward to them becoming more comprehensive.
  6. Hi everyone, The reception to Affinity Photo for iPad has quite rightly been phenomenal. It is, at last, a sign that the the iPad is getting the pro software that the hardware is capable of running. The features I would most like to see going forward are a floating modifier key panel (like AstroPad has), and external keyboard support. Modifier keys would allow for more accurate and efficient use of the clone tool (alt click to sample, click to clone) when manually cloning tricky areas that the automated methods cannot deal with. They would also allow better access to manipulating
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