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  1. I have a map with all kinds of different text boxes. As with the immense amount of those, i'd thought i'd suggest that it would be quite nice to be able to change all fonts within a folder so that i could update my complicated folder structure with ease. Obviously there could be more expansions to that feature such as additional font settings or maybe specific RGB increments for all contained shapes etc. Thank you very much!
  2. Mauritz

    Pixel are Quantum Entangled

    There you go. To my defense, these are only image placeholders for my program. They are not final. These will improve. And please, do not steal my legendary designs :) Character.afphoto
  3. Sorry for the fancy title but this really accurately describes the problem. I tried doing some very pixely art (59 x 51px), but faced a huge problem. Some pixels couldn't have different colors. It was no row column thing so i dare to assume it was quite random. Very upsetting situation as the fine detail couldn't be worked out. Both drawing and erasing were limited. Now I had to use the rectangle tool which is quite inconvenient. Would be nice if this error wouldn't occur anymore. If there is anything you need for narrowing down the bug, I hope I will come online once again to help. Thank you very much! Mauritz
  4. I have the same problem with the difference that I am painting on a pixel layer and the assistant is turned on... I can draw some how though... every opacity is on 100% and i am using affinity photo... Please Help :,(
  5. I can imagine that these features have been requested a lot but a 3D system such as in photoshop would be awesome. I could need it really often and it would improve my workflow by a lot. Another thing I want to make you consider is improving the old DrawPlus or make up an entirely new 2D animationsoftware. I realized that there was non good Animation Software, at least for my needs, and so iI would love if this was possible. Ive seen it a lot that other people got the answer that their proposals were not the planned way for serief, but this would be quiet urgent. Because i had to animate a Chart, I was searching for program and bought DrawPlus, which I came to realization, was aweful. I could not copy and paste my needed vectors in there without an immense detail loss, the backgroud was turned white and the in software programs for background removal where not useable at all. And every other software I downloaded had similar issues. In the end I had to export every single frame out of Designer and assemble them to a GIF in GIMP2. And that was a huge amount of work to do. If you cinsider my Idea I would be pleased to give some suggestions for handy features. Mauritz
  6. Thank you very much :) ill try out the trial
  7. I recently bought affinity photo and I'm really happy with it... but I was wondering if I should buy designer too. So of course I looked it up but idk if it has any features photo hasn't. Sorry if I'm completely wrong about that but I'm new to this stuff. (And please don't advertise the program bc I'd not like to waste money ;) ) Thank you

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