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  1. picardmyhero

    Clone tool not working for me on the iPad version

    Ok, I see now: "You must press and hold" I would change this to: "You must press and hold your damn finger you idiot, not the apple pencil"
  2. i'm on a new 12.9 ipad in the Photo Persona working a drawing from another program. When I select the clone tool, and press my apple pencil on the screen, I always get this popup message: Clone Brush Tool You must press and hold to set a source before trying to clone. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can't set a source by pressing and holding.
  3. picardmyhero

    Affinity Photo iPad 1.6.2 available in the App Store

    Thank you Patrick.
  4. picardmyhero

    Affinity Photo iPad 1.6.2 available in the App Store

    Thank you for the update description list. Any ETA on fixing the 2 finger rotation tool? Seems like that is a very important / missing feature for the iPad version.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure that you answered the user's question, so let's make sure we're all on the same page. In Photoshop when your draw a line with the Brush Tool, the Edit menu suddenly has a new option called: "Fade xxx" where xxx = the context sensitive / name of the tool you just used. So in this example the Edit menu would now have: "Fade Brush tool..." This is VERY different from the standard opacity level of an Adjustment, Layer, Effect, etc. These are 2 completely different options. I use this dynamic / context sensitive Fade tool A LOT in photoshop. Is there any change this missing tool can be added? Thanks, Tim

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