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  1. Seem ridiculous that I have to buy the software again to be able to get rid of a work impeding bug. If this is a software aimed to professionals it should be reliable, no professional can spend a month without being able to use their paid software. If you cannot give alternatives that do not stop production then aim it to amateur consumers. It's not some obscure effect filter function that we are talking, it's the most basic stuff: masks.
  2. I bought from App Store, is there any way to downgrade or get a key to download a downgrade?
  3. Thanks for the quick answer, hope it's fixed soon!
  4. Hello, I have many projects made with older than current 1.7.2 version, and now when I open them I'm facing a problem related with mask in groups and my files are all messed up. The issue is that when you group layer adjustments and then apply a mask on the group, the mask is applied to everything underneath and not only to group contents. I attached an example file, the mask applied to the group should be applied to Curves adjustment and Recolour adjustment, instead it's applied to the layer underneath. I made a mockup image of the actual result vs what should be. Thanks example.afphoto
  5. Oh, I did not even know about the Handoff function (I've been using mac for years but just got an iPad Pro), looks like a cool function. Wouldn't it be better to have it slow than not having the function? I mean, I sure wont mind changing 30 secs of AirDrop, editing, saving/moving again, AirDrop again, searching the file in downloads, overriding the file… etc. for 30 secs of doing nothing while waiting it to transfer. Just my opinion. Thanks for your fast answer, I love the app, now I'm loving the community :D :D
  6. Hello, I think it would be cool that, having both applications (iOS and Mac), when you have something opened, you'd be able to transfer that file to the iPad app (and show some kind of lock screen on the file on Mac), work with it in the iPad and when you are done, "send" the file back and continue working on Mac. And viceversa. (Maybe via wifi or bluetooth if wifi not available). It would improve a lot the workflow between platforms and It would be like working with a Wacom Cintiq, but with native app on iPad and not screen mirroring. Thanks for reading :)
  7. mercro

    Mac to iPad and iPad to Mac

    Yeah, thats my current aproach, moving the files by AirDrop… just wondering if there was some nicer and faster way to share the files. I hope new iOS 11 with its file features will help to work from network drive. Thanks :)
  8. Hello, I just bought both apps, Mac and iPad and made an image on iPad. I've been looking in the forums but found nothing. More info: My Mac files are on a network drive (NAS) Is there an easy way to share picture files between them? Thanks

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