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  1. You mean a tutorial about how to create lens flares? because Im not sure I was very successful with mine
  2. Thanks Gents, glad you guys like it. I had fun with it.
  3. I had tons of fun making this..AD is what I've been waiting for on the IPAD..is amazingly powerful just like AP...hope you guys dig it. instagram @cloudyoart
  4. I looked around to see if anyone else was having this issue, but I seem to have severe inaccuracy when manipulating nodes. I find it near impossible to target (regardless of how carefully I try) the actual node. everytime I try to manipulate a node's position, It almost always affects the handles instead. I finally have to zoom into my image so much that there is at least a 1" screen space gap between a node and its handles to be able to access the node itself. This also seems to happen with the selection/move tool. I tap in the middle of the selection and drag and it often grabs the external handles instead, transforming the selection instead of moving it. Im using my apple pencil on a new 12.9" ipad with latest ios on it. Thanks for your help
  5. I truly appreciate your team's rapid response and action. I'm certain you guys will squash it soon! I've been working on AD for 3 days straight now and it's like a drug...the good kind THanks again!
  6. I appreciate it, and at any rate..kudos on an amazing product!
  7. I haven't been able to download any of the sample projects. I wanted to see the layer count and way the app was used for optimization. I worry that I'm working with too many layers. I did try to keep an eye out for overheating..nothing technical, just touching the device to see if it was hot, but it wasn't ever hotter than normal. Please advise me if there is anything I can do to troubleshoot and help out. I should add that some layers are masked into others and im using various blending modes. Im truly in love with your application, but this problem does make me concerned. thank you.
  8. I caught it again, this time with a screen cap..please help..this does not look right..and if this risks damaging my ipad Im going to be very upset. This has only ever happened in AD. I have been using my ipad daily for work since I got it and only now when using AD did it glitch out like this.
  9. I can't seem to find it anywhere if it already is available. If it isn't, this would be very useful for more complex paths. thanks
  10. Ive had this happen twice already. As I am working in designer, Ill be controlling a node or changing a gradient and the screen will begin to flicker in the worst way. The quintessential "glitch" look of random pixel noise as if the graphics card was fried. I am concerned this will eventually harm my Ipad. There doesnt seem to be a specific action that causes this. Im curious to know if anyone else has encountered this. Im working on the new Ipad 12.9
  11. Hello, Im new here...just purchased the app for the Ipad and i am amazed at how powerful it is. Admittedly I didnt know much about it before purchasing it, but I do find that having it on a device such as the Ipad the app seems to lack gesture controls. I searched this forum before posting and someone had suggested radial menus which are very popular, preferably customizeable ones. However, that is a big ask im sure, in the meantime I would like to second at least the request to have the ability to use gestures for the following: Undo Redo and rotate canvas without having to access a specific tool to do so. I have not even begun to scratch the surface of this app's potential, and Im already incredibly excited about it. thanks for your hard work and attention :)
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