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  1. Checking in once again. Kinda concerned about the apparent lack of attention Designer is getting from Affinity. No updates since like May even for pretty significant bugs like this
  2. just checking in. Any progress on this?
  3. Bumping again... Any news on this?
  4. Been months since we've had an official word on this... so bumping again
  5. When using "Export Selection" on an object that has been cropped, the exported image includes the cropped out space as blank space. Expected Result: The exported image should match how the selection looks in Affinity Designer and properly exclude the cropped out space. I have attached a .gif of reproduction steps and an image of the resulting export Edit: After posting I realize it is a little hard to see what is going on in CropExportText.png so to clear it up, there is the word "This" with a large amount of white space to it's right.
  6. Any update on this guys? I'm loving Affinity Designer for the most part but not having offset path (although I'm used to it being called inset/outset in Inkscape) is a HUGE miss. Is this actually being worked on at all?